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DS (Attorney):
Over the past 10 years I have had occasion to work with Steve and have always found that he was extremely knowledgeable in the applicable legal theories and related procedures. His overall grasp of the nuances of the internet/telecommunications/international laws has been remarkable. Richter's breadth of experience makes him an exceptional lawyer. He quickly can seize up any business and acquire a full understanding of the practical, as well as technical, issues which make the business successful. I would recommend him to any of my clients, and often turn to him for his counsel. In additional to being well versed in the overall practice of law, he is honorable and always a professional in his work and demeanor.

"I have worked with Steve for over 10 years and he has always exceeded my expectations, both as an attorney and friend. The only reason I don't like to brag about him is because I want to keep him to myself. You cannot find a better attorney."

MS (Attorney):
I have worked as co-counsel with Steve on several litigation and non-litigation matters over the years. Steve is a highly skilled, result-oriented lawyer and I can recommend him without reservation.

ST (Client):
"Steve took over our case from another attorney and worked with the County to resolve our dispute quickly and with little pain. I highly recommend Steve as an excellent attorney and would not hesitate to use him again."

AF (Client):
"wSteve has been giving me invaluable legal and business advice for the past year and he's now one of my closest and most trusted personal advisers. The thing I like most about Steve is that he understands the business side of things so when speaking with a business person he really knows how to get through all the legal jargon to the key business points and this not only makes it much easier to understand, it saves a ton of money! He brings an incredible amount of passion to everything he does and always maintains the highest level of ethics. I'd strongly recommend Steve to anyone whether it is for legal or business advice."

JS (Blogger)
"Over the last 3 years I have received priceless legal advice from Steve Richter. If you are looking for an experienced lawyer in the internet marketing field, Steve has no equal."